Communist Party of Sweden

The name Communist Party of Sweden (Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti, abbreviated SKP) has been used by several political parties in Sweden:

  • Left Party (Sweden), known as the Communist Party of Sweden between 1921 and 1967
    • Communist Party of Sweden (1924), split off by SKP leader Zeth Höglund in 1924 (which later merged with the social democrats in 1926)
    • Socialist Party (Sweden, 1929), "Kilbohmarna", the majority of the SKP main branch, expelled from the Communist International in 1929, dissolved in 1948,
    • Communist League Marxist-Leninists (Sweden), KFML, a Maoist party called the Communist Party of Sweden between 1973 and 1987,
      • Communist Party (Sweden), Kommunistiska Partiet, an anti-revisionist party still active.
      • Communist Workers' Party of Sweden, SKA, an anti-Deng Xiaoping, split-off from the former, formed in 1980 but dissolved in 1993,
        • Communist Party in Sweden, KPS, a pro-Albanian, dissenter group from the former, formed in 1982 but dissolved in 1993,
    • Communist Party of Sweden (1995), name used since 1995 by the group previously known as the Workers' Party - the Communists (APK), the party is still alive,
      • Communist Party of Sweden (Takman), a short-lived party founded by party veteran John Takman when APK was declared financially bankrupt in 1995,
      • Communist Party of Sweden (1995) (III), another group, led by Sten Gunnarsson, Jonas af Roslagen and Ingvar Lööv, that emerged out of APK in 1995

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