Communications Systems

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Diver Communications - Voice Communications
... hard-wired (cable) and through-water electronic voice communications systems may be used with surface supplied diving ... Wired systems are more popular as there is a physical connection to the diver for gas supply in any case, and adding a cable does not make the system any ... Wired communications systems are still more reliable and simpler to maintain than through-water systems ...
Electronic Systems Center - History
... ESC was originally activated as the Electronic Systems Division (ESD) on 1 April 1961 at Laurence G ... ESD was placed under the newly-established Air Force Systems Command ... The Electronic Systems Division had emerged after a decade of efforts to meet a major post-war threat to the North American continent—attack by long-rang ...
Coherence Time (communications Systems)
... In communications systems, a communication channel may change with time ... Such channel variation is much more significant in wireless communications systems, due to Doppler effects ...

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