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Internal Hardware

  • Microprocessor CPU:
    • MOS Technology 6510/8500 (the 6510/8500 is a modified 6502 with an integrated 6-bit I/O port)
    • Clock speed: 0.985 MHz (PAL) or 1.023 MHz (NTSC)
  • Video: MOS Technology VIC-II 6567/8562 (NTSC), 6569/8565 (PAL)
    • 16 colors
    • Text mode: 40×25 characters; 256 user-defined chars (8×8 pixels, or 4×8 in multicolor mode); 4-bit color RAM defines foreground color
    • Bitmap modes: 320×200 (2 unique colors in each 8×8 pixel block), 160×200 (3 unique colors + 1 common color in each 4×8 block)
    • 8 hardware sprites of 24×21 pixels (12×21 in multicolor mode)
    • Smooth scrolling, raster interrupts
  • Sound: MOS Technology 6581/8580 SID
    • 3-channel synthesizer with programmable ADSR envelope
    • 8 octaves
    • 4 waveforms per audio channel: triangle, sawtooth, variable pulse, noise
    • Oscillator synchronization, ring modulation
    • Programmable filter: high pass, low pass, band pass, notch filter
  • Input/Output: Two 6526 Complex Interface Adapters
    • 16 bit parallel I/O
    • 8 bit serial I/O
    • 24-hours (AM/PM) Time of Day clock (TOD), with programmable alarm clock
    • 16 bit interval timers
  • RAM:
    • 64 kB, of which 38 kB (minus 1 byte) were available for BASIC programs
    • 512 bytes color RAM (memory allocated for screen color data storage)
    • Expandable to 320 kB with Commodore 1764 256 kB RAM Expansion Unit (REU); although only 64 kB directly accessible; REU mostly intended for GEOS. REUs of 128 kB and 512 kB, originally designed for the C128, were also available, but required the user to buy a stronger power supply from some third party supplier; with the 1764 this was included. Creative Micro Designs also produced a 2 MB REU for the C64 and C128, called the 1750 XL. The technology actually supported up to 16 MB, but 2 MB was the biggest one officially made. Expansions of up to 16 MB were also possible via the CMD SuperCPU.
  • ROM:
    • 20 kB (9 kB Commodore BASIC 2.0; 7 kB KERNAL; 4 kB character generator, providing two 2 kB character sets)

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