Commercial Mortgage Securities Association

Commercial Mortgage Securities Association

CRE Finance Council is a trade organization for the commercial real estate finance markets. It was formally known as "Commercial Mortgage Securities Association" and changed its name on March 23, 2010. The CRE Finance Council is headquartered in New York City's financial district at 30 Broad Street. Along with its name change, CRE Finance Council expanded its membership and focus and added six ‘Forums’ – market constituencies that encompass the commercial mortgage industry. These Forums include Investment-Grade Bondholders, Issuers, Multifamily Lenders, Securities and Loan Investors, Portfolio Lenders and Servicers. CRE Finance Council represents more than 300 member companies.

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Commercial Mortgage Securities Association - The Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities Industry
... Commercial mortgage-backed securities are bonds offered to investors that are collateralized by a pool of commercial mortgage loans from which all of the principal and interest paid on ... To create these investment vehicles, mortgage loans of varying dollar amounts, property type, and location —and containing a myriad of individualized terms and conditions — are pooled and transferred to a trust ... Commercial Mortgage Securities Association is an international trade association dedicated to improving the liquidity of commercial real estate debt securities ...

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