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Spam In Blogs - Possible Solutions - Application-specific Anti-spam Methods - Response Tokens
... is to add a hidden variable to their comment form containing a session token which uniquely identifies the instance of the form ... is through enforcing a one-to-one correspondence between each request to get the form and each request to submit it ... When the form is eventually submitted, the server can use the token to validate the post ...

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    One of the many to whom, from straightened circumstances, a consequent inability to form the associations they would wish, and a disinclination to mix with the society they could obtain, London is as complete a solitude as the plains of Syria.
    Charles Dickens (1812–1870)

    The best thing about Sassy Seats is that grandmothers cannot figure out how they work and are in constant fear of the child’s falling. This often makes them forget to comment on other aspects of the child’s development, like why he is not yet talking or is still wearing diapers. Some grandmothers will spend an entire meal peering beneath the table and saying, “Is that thing steady?” rather than, “Have you had a doctor look at that left hand?”
    Anna Quindlen (20th century)