Commelina Lukei - Distribution and Habitat

Distribution and Habitat

Commelina lukei is found in tropical East Africa and has been recorded from southeastern Kenya, northeasten and south-central Tanzania, including the island of Zanzibar, and Madagascar. It is found primarily in coastal areas, many of them densely populated, but it also extends inland into the much more rural Taita Hills in Kenya and the western Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. In these inland areas it is sympatric with the closely related species Commelina kotschyi. Due to the relatively wide distribution of Commelina lukei, its global conservation status is considered Least Concern based on IUCN Red List guidelines. However, it is only known from a single collection in Madagascar and its conservation situation there currently cannot be determined.

The species is found in a wide variety of habitats that are typically found at elevations between sea level and 1000 metres, though one collection was made as high as 1700 metres. It has been collected in a variety of woodland habitats, typically in more open settings such as forest edges, forest clearings, plantations, and open areas of mountane forests, but also in lowland evergreen forests and within woodlands. It has also been found in thickets and bushland as well as in more open habitats such as grasslands and roadsides. Additionally it has occurred along riversides and is sometimes associated with rocks in moist situations.

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