Comet Line - Notable Members of The Line

Notable Members of The Line

  • Andrée de Jongh, (aka Dédée) Line creator and chief. Arrested 15 January 1943. Survived several Nazi concentration camps. Awarded the George Medal
  • Frédéric de Jongh, (aka Paul). Dédée's father. Arrested 7 June 1943. Executed 28 March 1944.
  • Monique de Bissy, Arrested in March 1944, freed in September 1944.
  • Baron Jean Greindl, (aka Nemo). Head of line in Brussels. Arrested 6 February 1943. Killed 7 September 1943.
  • Elvire de Greef, (aka Tante Go). Organiser in South France. Escaped arrest and survived. Awarded the George Medal
  • Jean-François Nothomb, (aka Franco). Succeeded Dedee in France. Arrested 18 January 1944. Survived several Nazi concentration camps. Awarded the Distinguished Service Order.
  • Comte Jacques Legrelle (aka Jerome), organised and operated line in the Paris area, linked the Belgium part of line to South of France. Was captured, tortured, sent to concentration camps and survived. Awarded the George Medal.
  • Comte Antoine d’Ursel (aka Jacques Cartier). Succeeded Nemo in Brussels. Died crossing Franco-Spanish border 24 December 1943.
  • Micheline Dumon (aka Michou), Operated line in 1944. Escaped arrest and awarded the George Medal.

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