Colpitts may refer to:

  • A. Russell Colpitts (born 1906), farmer and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada
  • Colpitts Grange, village in Northumberland, England
  • Edwin H. Colpitts (1872–1949), communications pioneer best known for his invention of the Colpitts oscillator
    • Colpitts oscillator, design for an LC electronic oscillator circuit

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Clapp Oscillator
... The Clapp oscillator is a Colpitts oscillator that has an additional capacitor placed in series with the inductor ... field-effect transistor (FET), is A Clapp circuit is often preferred over a Colpitts circuit for constructing a variable frequency oscillator (VFO) ... In a Colpitts VFO, the voltage divider contains the variable capacitor (either C1 or C2) ...
A. Russell Colpitts
... Arthur Russell Colpitts (September 7, 1906 – before 2008) was a farmer and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada ... He was born in Colpitts Settlement, New Brunswick, the son of Samuel B ... Colpitts and Addie B ...
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Edwin H. Colpitts - Education and Career
... In 1899, Colpitts accepted a position with American Bell Telephone Company ... Ralph Hartley invented an inductive coupling oscillator which Colpitts improved in 1915 ... Colpitts and Craft wrote that "the possibility of communication by speech between any two individuals in the civilized world is one of the most desirable ends for which engineering can strive." Colpitts ...