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Ludlow Massacre - Gallery
... Colorado National Guard General John Chase ... JOHN CHASE The Denver oculist in command of the National Guard ... Welborn, president of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company John R ...
... in 1848, is a poem by the Slovene Romantic poet France Prešeren, considered the national poet of Slovenes ... On 27 September 1989, it became the national anthem of Slovenia ... which the March Revolution in 1848 elevated into a national political programme ...
Labor Spies - Case Histories and Analysis - Colorado's Goldmine and Mill Strike of 1903–04 - Intrigue and Uncertainty During The Colorado Labor Wars
... Ellison, a commissioned officer of the Colorado National Guard, was assigned by General Sherman Bell to the Cripple Creek District for "special military duty" ... About the middle of February 1904, leadership of the Colorado National Guard became concerned that the Mine Owners were failing to finance the occupation by covering the payroll of the soldiers ... of the Mine Owners' Association, the Citizens' Alliance, and the Colorado National Guard thought it more expedient to use the disaster as a pretext to expel the ...
Colorado Labor Wars - A Labor Dispute Escalates - The Colorado National Guard Insures Its Status
... Nonetheless, such was the case with the Colorado National Guard during the Colorado Labor Wars ... of historian Melvyn Dubofsky, the Colorado National Guard served private capital more than the public interest ... Yet the National Guard leadership wasn't beyond "reminding" their wealthy benefactors to live up to their arrangement, even if it required a little mayhem, or even gunfire ...
Colorado National Guard Armory
... the most unusual landmarks of its region, the Colorado National Guard Armory, known commonly by locals simply as the Armory, was built in 1913 by the Colorado National Guard as an armory, quarters ... Today the Armory serves as Colorado School of Mines student housing with offices and shops ...

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