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Dogic - Description
... Each triangle has a single color, while the face centers may have up to 3 colors, depending on the particular coloring scheme employed ... The current Dogics sold by Meffert come in four varieties the 12-color version originally sold under the name "Dogic", the 20-color version originally sold under the name "Dogic 2", a new 5-c ... The 12-color version has 3 colors per face center, and in the solved state has 5 triangles of the same color meet at each vertex ...

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    If the only new thing we have to offer is an improved version of the past, then today can only be inferior to yesterday. Hypnotised by images of the past, we risk losing all capacity for creative change.
    Robert Hewison (b. 1943)

    But whenever the roof came white
    The head in the dark below
    Was a shade less the color of night,
    A shade more the color of snow.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)