Colla may refer to:

  • Colla people, indigenous people of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile
  • Daniel Colla (born 1964), Argentine volleyball player
  • Luigi Aloysius Colla, an Italian botanist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries
  • Colla Uais, Irish king
  • Three Collas, Celtic rulers
  • Colla, Switzerland, a municipality in the canton of Ticino
  • Colla (dance), a type of traditional dance group in Spain
  • Colla (moth), a moth genus

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Sometimes A Great Notion (film) - Production
... Colla was signed to direct the film in May 1970 ... Five weeks after principal photography began, Colla left the project due to "artistic differences over photographic concept," as well as a required throat operation ... As co-executive producer, Newman considered replacing Colla with George Roy Hill, who declined the offer, so when filming resumed two weeks later, Newman was directing as well as acting ...
Mc Cann (surname)
... The McCanns, according to tradition, are a Milesian people, descended from Colla-da-Chrioch, the first king of Orghilla or Oriel ... Colla-da-Chrioch, a southern conqueror of Ulster, was one of the three Collas ... Historians who give credence to their existence, generally place Colla-da-Chrioch's conquest of Ulster in 331 AD ...
Colla Uais
... Colla Uais (Colla da Chrioch), son of Eochaid Doimlén, son of Cairbre Lifechair, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a ... He and his two brothers, Muiredach (Colla Fo Chrí) and Áed (Colla Menn), were known was the Three Collas ...
Lucrezia Aguiari - Operatic Roles
... Cleopatra in Tigrane by Giuseppe Colla (Parma, 1767) Berenice in Vologeso by Giuseppe Colla (Venice, 1770) Andromeda in Andromeda by Giuseppe Colla (Turin, 1772) Erasitea in Urano ed Erasitea by Giuseppe ...