COLA (software Architecture)

COLA (software Architecture)

COLA stands for Combined Object Lambda Architecture, and is a system for experimenting with software design currently being investigated by the Viewpoints Research Institute. A COLA is a self-describing language in two parts, an object system which is implemented in terms of objects, and a functional language to describe the computation to perform.

Since a COLA is written in itself, the whole environment (when bootstrapped) can be rewritten and extended by programming with the COLA; in other words, it does not require more knowledge to rewrite a COLA than it does to write a program to run in it (as opposed to running Python code in CPython for example, which requires knowledge of C in order to reprogram the language).

This flexibility has led to the work-in-progress COLA called 'idst' becoming the implementation vehicle of choice for the Viewpoints Research Institute's research into 'reinventing programming', since it allows rapid creation and modification of new programming languages for study.

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