Cognate Linkage

Cognate Linkage

In kinematics, cognate linkages are linkages that ensure the same input-output relationship or coupler curve geometry, while being dimensionally dissimilar. In case of four-bar linkage coupler cognates, the Roberts–Chebyschev Theorem, after Samuel Roberts and Pafnuty Chebyshev, states that each coupler curve can be generated by three different four-bar linkages. These four-bar linkages can be constructed using similar triangles and parallelograms, and the Cayley diagram (named after Arthur Cayley).

Overconstrained mechanisms can be obtained by connecting two or more cognate linkages together.

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Cognate Linkage - Conclusions
... If and only if the original is a Class I chain Both 4-bar cognates will be class I chains ... original is a drag-link (double crank), both cognates will be drag links ... If the original is a crank-rocker, one cognate will be a crank-rocker, and the second will be a double-rocker ...

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