Coding may refer to:

  • Channel coding in coding theory
  • Line coding
  • Computer programming, the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging / troubleshooting, and maintaining the source code of computer programs
  • The process of Statistical classification of information
  • Coding (social sciences), refers to an analytical process in which data, in both quantitative form (such as questionnaires results) or qualitative (such as interview transcripts) are categorised to facilitate analysis
  • Coding (therapy), a controversial therapy used to treat addictions
  • Legal coding, the process of creating summary or keyword data from a document. It is widely used in the legal profession to create a fast-search index or database of documents for use in litigation
  • A coding strand of DNA is translated into a protein product
  • Present progressive tense for Code Blue, which is a patient in Cardiac Arrest or Respiratory Arrest

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