Cobra Ball

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Rivet Amber Crash - Variants - RC-135S Cobra Ball
... The RC-135S Cobra Ball is a measurement and signature intelligence MASINT collector equipped with special electro-optical instruments designed to observe ballistic missile flights ... The Cobra Ball monitors missile-associated signals and tracks missiles during boost and re-entry phases to provide reconnaissance for treaty verification and theater ballistic missile proliferation ... Cobra Ball aircraft were originally assigned to Shemya and used to observe ballistic missile tests on the Kamchatka peninsula in conjunction with Cobra Dane and Cobra Judy ...
Electro-optical MASINT - Airborne Electro-optical Missile Tracking MASINT
... RC-135S COBRA BALL aircraft have MASINT sensors that are "…two linked electro-optical sensors—the Real Time Optics System (RTOS) and the Large Aperture Tracker System (LATS) ... be greater commonality of parts, and some ability to switch missions a COBRA BALL will be able to carry out some SIGINT missions of the RIVET JOINT RC-135 ... COBRA BALL cues the COBRA DANE ground radar and the COBRA JUDY ship-based radar ...

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