Coastal Protection

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Coastal Engineering - Historical Background
... material may be challenged and removed Coastal engineering, as it relates to harbours, starts with the development of ancient civilizations together with the origin of maritime traffic ... Basic source of modern literature on coastal engineering is the "European Code of Conduct for Coastal Zones" issued by the European Council in 1999 ... document was prepared by the Group of Specialists on Coastal Protection and should be used 'as a source of inspiration for national legislation and practice' by decision makers ...
... The very existence of the Halligen is a result of frequent floods and poor coastal protection ... The floods were much more common in the Middle Ages and coastal protection was much poorer ...
Sedimentary Budget - Management - Coastal Protection
... affected when implementing appropriate coastal protecting techniques ... Often management plans for coastal erosion have seen the use of ‘hard’ engineering structures as a means of protecting the coastline from recession ... This management approach is not used so much these days, with modern knowledge of coastal dynamics promoting the use of ‘soft’, natural approaches such as nourishment and preservation of natural systems such as ...

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