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Geography Of Orissa - Physical Divisions - Physiography - Odisha Coastal Plains
... The Odisha Coastal Plains or Utkal Plains are the depositional landforms of recent origin and geologically belong to the Post-Tertiary Period ... Therefore, the coastal plain of Odisha is called the "Hexadeltaic region" or the "Gift of Six Rivers" ... It stretches along the coast of the Bay of Bengal having the maximum width in the Middle Coastal Plain (the Mahanadi Delta), narrow in the Northern Coastal Plain (Balasore Plain) and narrowest in the Southern ...
Geography Of Western Australia - The Biogeography of Western Australia
... The Carnarvon Region The Carnarvon region comprises Quaternary alluvial, aeolian and marine sediments overlying Cretaceous strata ... There is a mosaic of saline alluvial plains with samphire and saltbush low shrublands, Bowgada low woodland on sandy ridges and plains, Snakewood scrubs on clay flats, and tree to shrub steppe ... on low greenstone hills, valley alluvials and broad plains of calcareous earths ...
National Monuments Of The United States - List of National Monuments - National Monuments
... rainbow-hued flint that was distributed throughout the Great Plains in pre-Columbian times ... Area and includes the ruins of several Plains Village Indian dwellings ... includes a statue of Cabrillo and 16th-century coastal artillery batteries built to protect the harbor of San Diego from enemy warships ...
Palearctic Ecozone - Palearctic Terrestrial Ecoregions
... Changbai Mountains mixed forests China, North Korea Changjiang Plain evergreen forests China Crimean Submediterranean forest complex Russia, Ukraine Daba Mountains ...

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