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On-air Presentation

In December 2008, CNN introduced its new graphics package, a comprehensive redesign replacing the existing style that had been used since 2004. The design replaced the scrolling ticker that had been in use since 2001. Also, since March 1, 2009, the redundant CNN HD logo has been missing from the bottom left corner of the screen. CNN's new graphic design is similar to its sister channel, CNN International. The CNN logo itself has remained relatively unchanged since the channel's launch, except that it was originally displayed in yellow.

On January 10, 2011, CNN introduced its most recent graphics package, in conjunction with the network-wide switch to a 16:9 letterbox format from 4:3. Both of CNN's standard-definition and high-definition feeds now carry the same 16:9 format; however, video footage broadcast in standard-definition on either feed is not pillarboxed, resulting in black bars on the top and bottom of the screen as well as the left and right. World Business Today and World One, which both began to be simulcast from CNN International on January 17, 2011, are however both broadcast in the 4:3 picture format on the CNN SD feed.

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