CM - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Apollo Command/Service Module (command module is one half)
  • Condition Monitoring, the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery, such that a significant change is indicative of a developing failure
  • Configuration management, used to identify and maintain product configurations throughout their development life cycle
  • Construction management
  • Contract manufacturer, a company that manufactures items for other companies
  • Cypro-Minoan syllabary, a form of writing used in Cyprus during the Late Bronze Age
  • Centre Midfielder, a player position in association football (Soccer)
  • Community management, the management of a common resource or issue by a community
  • Common metre in poetry, an iambic metre consisting of four lines of length 8, 6, 8 and 6 syllables
  • Roman numeral for 900
  • Television advertisement, it is used in the Japanese language as an acronym for "commercial message"

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