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Genus Stratocumulus

Abbreviation: Sc

Clouds of the genus stratocumulus are lumpy, often forming in slightly unstable air from near surface to ca. 6,500 ft (2 km), and they can produce very light rain or drizzle.

WMO species:

  • Stratocumulus stratiformis
    Sheets or relatively flat patches of stratocumulus
  • Stratocumulus lenticularis
    Lens-shaped low cloud.
  • Stratocumulus castellanus
    Layer of turreted stratocumulus cloud with tower-like formations protruding upwards.
WMO varieties; stratiformis opacity-based:
  • Stratocumulus translucidus
    Thin translucent stratocumulus through which the sun or moon can be seen.
  • Stratocumulus perlucidus
    Opaque low clouds with translucent breaks.
  • Stratocumulus opacus
    Opaque stratocumulus clouds.
WMO variety; stratiformis pattern-based:
  • Stratocumulus radiatus
    Low clouds arranged in parallel waves that appear to converge on the horizon.
WMO varieties; stratiformis and lenticularis pattern-based:
  • Stratocumulus duplicatus
    Closely spaced layers of low cloud, one above the other.
  • Stratocumulus undulatus
    Stratocumulus with wavy undulating base.
WMO variety; stratiformis and castellanus pattern-based:
  • Stratocumulus lacunosus
    Low cloud with circular holes caused by localized downdrafts.
WMO precipitation-based supplementary features:
  • Stratocumulus virga
    Low cloud producing precipitation that evaporates before reaching the ground.
  • Stratocumulus praecipitatio
    Stratocumulus clouds producing precipitation that reaches the ground.
WMO accessory cloud:
  • Stratocumulus mamma
    Bubble-like protrusions on the underside.

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