Closing Credits

Closing credits or end credits are added at the end of a motion picture, television program, or video game to list the cast and crew involved in the production. They usually appear as a list of names in small type, which either flip very quickly from page to page, or move smoothly across the background or a black screen. Credits may crawl either right-to-left (common in U.K. and some Latin American television programs) or bottom-to-top (common in films and U.S. television). The term credit roll comes from the early production days when the names were literally printed on a roll of paper and wound past the camera lens. Sometimes, post-credits scenes or bloopers are added to the end of films along with the closing credits.

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Smallville (TV Series) - Production - Music
... Snow composed the closing credits, which was composed to represent the theme of the show ... In the first two seasons, the music playing during the closing credits was one of the potential theme songs for the series, before Remy Zero’s "Save Me" was selected ... Mark Snow was told during season two the closing credits needed new music, as the show had evolved, and the existing music was no longer suitable ...
Motion Picture Credits - Closing Credits
... Closing credits, in a television program, motion picture, or video game come at the end of a show and list all the cast and crew involved in the production ... Almost all television and film productions omit the names of orchestra members from the closing credits, instead citing the name of the orchestra and sometimes not even that ... Credits which scroll either left-to-right or up-and-down are also known as rolling credits, which comes from pre digital days when the names were literally on a roll of paper and ...
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Closing Credits - Marginalization For Television Promotion - Notable Exceptions
... Full closing credits are still created by the production company and are used in syndicated reruns of a program, and are always seen if the program is released as a DVD box set, is broadcast via video ... Many animated shows still maintain and air the full version of the credits ... From 1989 to 1994, CBS displayed the show's closing credits from left and promo from right on two-panel format and from 1993 to 1996, ABC displayed the show's closing credits ...

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