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Close the Gap collects computers from its donors, has the hard disks cleaned, the hardware checked and subsequently configured according to the requirements of its end-users. The computers are then shipped to the destination country by air or sea transport. Locally they are incorporated in a support and maintenance programme to ensure good usage and sustainability.

Close the Gap does not only provide computers to developing countries, it also builds up various partnerships with other organisations worldwide in order to deliver all-embracing soft- and hardware solutions to its recipients.

By doing so Close the Gap participates in the United Nations’ “Millennium Development Goals”. The eight targets, outlined by former UN Secretary Kofi Annan, include access to IT technology and the transfer of knowledge.

Logistic Premises

Close the Gap's refurbishment partner has premises in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.

Recycling Policy

If equipment has failed test and/or is not suitable for re-use, the product will be disassembled and materials and waste disposals are handed over to European approved down-stream recyclers.

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