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Sledgehammer (ハンマー男, Hanmā otoko?)

Sledgehammer is the first boss encountered in the game, found bludgeoning a twelve-year-old pianist to death on Christmas Eve, 1942. Prior to becoming Sledgehammer, he was known as Robert Morris (known in Japanese version as Richard Morris (リチャード・モーリス, Richādo Mōrisu?), a stonecutter. Voiced by Robert Perkins.

Corroder (硫酸男, Ryūsan otoko?)

Corroder is the second boss encountered in the game; in 1963, he is seen blinding an elderly woman and her adult son before throwing them both alive in a drum of acid. Corroder's real name, John Haigh (ジョン・ヘイグ, Jon Heigu?), as well as his modus operandi of killing his victims, is inspired by the real John Haigh, who was known in Britain as the "Acid Bath Murderer". Voiced by Francis Stone.

Chopper (斧男, Ono otoko?)

Chopper is the third boss and head of the Subordinates. Born in 1655 as Harold Powell (known in Japanese version as Harvey Powell (ハーベイ・パウエル, Hābei Paueru?), he was a woodcutter who was seriously deformed at birth and as a result, was taunted and cursed for his appearance. When Powell was seventeen, he proposed marriage to Emily Dickins, the innkeeper's daughter, but was cruelly rejected. In turn, he dismembered Emily with his axe and continued to murder other women in the same fashion for two years until he was caught, put on trial and executed. Voiced by Mike Hayley.

Scissorwoman (シザーウーマン, Shizāūman?) and Scissorman (シザーマン, Shizāman?)

Respectively known as Jemima (known in Japanese version as Janice (ジャニス, Janisu?) and Ralph (known in Japanese version as Rudy (ルディ, Rudi?), they are sadistic beings who seek pleasure in torturing people to death. They both have a fascination with blades, and scissors in particular. Their origins are unknown. Both twins actually share the same Entity. Voiced by Lucy Blair and Greg Burns.

Lord Dan D. Burroughs (ダン・D・バロウズ, Dan D. Barouzu?)

A British lord who had a sadistic side and enjoyed watching people die. He hired the Scissor twins to do most of his dirty work. He was a strong believer in the Entities and tried to gain power by using his daughter in the Ritual of Engagement, but she died in an accident just before her 15th birthday and the maturation of her powers. Her death sent Lord Burroughs into a deep rage, resulting in him killing hundreds of peasants. However, he was eventually overcome by the local people, who forced him over the clock tower of his castle, where he fell into the gears. He is not a Subordinate as he came back to life by means of fusing with Dick Hamilton, not an Entity. He is the final boss of the game. Voiced by Paul Humpoletz.

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