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To accurately portray your state's solar resource, we need two maps. That is because different collector types use the sun in different ways. Collectors that focus the sun (like a magnifying glass) can reach high temperatures and efficiencies. These are called concentrating collectors. Typically, these collectors are on a tracker, so they always face the sun directly. Because these collectors focus the sun's rays, they only use the direct rays coming straight from the sun.

Other solar collectors are simply flat panels that can be mounted on a roof or on the ground. Called flat-plate collectors, these are typically fixed in a tilted position correlated to the latitude of the location. This allows the collector to best capture the sun. These collectors can use both the direct rays from the sun and reflected light that comes through a cloud or off the ground. Because they use all available sunlight, flat-plate collectors are the best choice for many northern states.

The Renewable Energy Atlas of the West estimated the annual solar electricity generation potential in Wyoming to be 72 billion kWh, based on the following assumptions:

Rooftop and open space installed systems represent 0.5% of the total area of the state.

Solar panels occupy 30% of the area set aside for solar equipment.

The average system efficiency is 10%.

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