Cleitus is the English form of the personal name Kleitos (Greek Κλείτος, which may in turn derive from Greek kleos glory). It has been adopted as an English personal name in modern times mainly in the U.S., and usually with a modern spelling Claitus. Classical scholarship uses the traditional spelling.

It may refer to:

  • In ancient history:
    • Cleitus the Black (c. 375–328 BC), a Macedonian officer and friend of Alexander the Great, killed by the latter after an argument.
    • Cleitus the White, a Macedonian officer who rose to prominence after Alexander the Great's death.
    • Cleitus the Illyrian, an Illyrian king.
  • Cleitus (mythology), name of multiple figures in Greek mythology

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Cleitus The Illyrian
... Cleitus (Ancient Greek Κλεῖτος ruled c ... Cleitus was the son of Bardyllis and the father of Bardyllis II ... Cleitus was the mastermind behind the well structured Illyrian Revolt of 335 BC ...
Cleitus The Illyrian - Battle of Pelion
... ally Langarus promised to deal with the Autariatae while Alexander headed towards Cleitus ... Alexander thus foiled Cleitus' plan of blockading the Macedonian army ... The ancient historian Arrian states that Cleitus sacrificed three boys, three girls, and three black rams on an altar just before the Battle of Pelion with Alexander ...
List Of Rulers Of Kosovo - Ancient
... Cleitus the Illyrian son of Bardyllis, 4th century BC Bardylis II Probably Cleitus son, 4th century BC Bircenna granddaughter of Cleitus an daughter of Bardyllis II ...
Cleitus The Illyrian - Aftermath
... There was no time to capture Cleitus or to negotiate a treaty with the Illyrians as Thebes and Boeotia suddenly revolted ... Cleitus and Glaucias continued to rule, probably as vassal kings under Macedonia ... Cleitus did not regroup his forces, so the Illyrians remained on amicable terms with Macedonia for the rest of Alexander's reign ...