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Clear Channel Outdoor UK

Clear Channel Outdoor UK is the UK's leading outdoor advertising company, providing more than 70,000 advertising locations across its four main brands: Clear Channel Billboards, Clear Channel Adshel, Clear Channel Pinnacle and Taxi Media. Clear Channel Adshel is the UK’s leading supplier of 6-sheet advertising (1.2 × 1.8 m bus stop panels) with 65% of the UK roadside 6-sheet market. Clear Channel Adshel offers advertising space at Sainsbury's and Somerfield supermarkets and in over 80 UK shopping centres as well as advertising at music venues and universities. Clear Channel Billboards is the market leader in 96 sheet (40 × 10 ft) billboards and offers 48-sheet billboards across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Clear Channel Pinnacle offers higher-cost advertising on over 200 special high-profile sites such as London’s Cromwell Road and M4 Towers as well as banner advertising on sites including Fort Dunlop in Birmingham.

Clear Channel activities have often put it at odds with Local Authorities in the UK for erecting adverts without consent which is a criminal offence. The company has been convicted many times for such activities.

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