The clavioline is an electronic keyboard instrument, a forerunner to the analog synthesizer.

It was invented by Constant Martin in 1947. It consists of a keyboard and a separate amplifier and speaker unit. The keyboard usually covered three octaves, and had a number of switches to alter the tone of the sound produced, add vibrato, and provide other effects. Several models were produced by different companies; among the more important were the Standard, Reverb, and Concert models by Gibson and Selmer in the 1950s. The 6-octave model developed by Harald Bode employed octave transposition.

In England the Jennings Organ Company's first successful product was the Univox, an early self-powered electronic keyboard based on the Selmer Clavioline. Also in Japan, Ace Tone's first product Canary S-2 (1962) was designed based on Clavioline.

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... and successfully commercialised radio sets and most famously the Clavioline, a precursor to the synthesizer ... The Clavioline was launched in 1947 with great commercial success ... His Clavioline would be used by famous artists of the day such as The Beatles, Del Shannon, and The Tornados ...
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