Classification of The Sciences (Peirce)

Classification Of The Sciences (Peirce)

The philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914) did considerable work over a period of years on the classification of sciences (including mathematics). His classifications are of interest both as a map for navigating his philosophy and as an accomplished polymath's survey of research in his time. Peirce himself was well grounded and produced work in many research fields, including logic, mathematics, statistics, philosophy, spectroscopy, gravimetry, geodesy, chemistry, and experimental psychology.

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... Collected Papers editors called "Phaneroscopy" and dated as 1906, Peircewrote (CP 4.9)...I extend logic to embrace all the necessary principles of semeiotic, and I recognize. 207 and dated 1911, Peircewrote I have now sketched my doctrine of Logical Critic, skipping a good deal ... Peirces revisions of logic's divisions Peircein 1902, 1903 Logic (begins on general level with presuppositions of reason, logical conception of mind, nature of belief doubt, etc.) ...

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