Clark and Mc Cullough - Films


  • Two Flaming Youths (Paramount) (1927) (feature film) (also appearing were W. C. Fields, Moran and Mack)
  • Clark and McCullough in the Interview (Fox) (1928) (one reel short)
  • Clark and McCullough in the Honor System (Fox) (1928) (one reel short)
  • The Bath Between (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • The Diplomats (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • Waltzing Around (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • In Holland (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • Belle of Samoa (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • Beneath the Law (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • The Medicine Men (Fox) (1929)
  • Music Fiends (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • Knights Out (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • All Steamed Up (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • Hired and Fired (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • Detectives Wanted (Fox) (1929) (short)
  • A Peep On The Deep (RKO) (1930) (short)
  • Chesterfield Celebrities (Warner Brothers-Vitaphone) (1931) (one reel commercial short)
  • False Roomers (RKO) (1931) (short)
  • A Melon-Drama (RKO) (1931) (short)
  • Scratch-As-Catch-Can (RKO) (1931) (short)
  • The Iceman’s Ball (RKO) (1932) (short)
  • The Millionaire Cat (RKO) (1932) (short)
  • Jitters the Butler (RKO) (1932) (short)
  • Hokus Focus (RKO (1933) (short)
  • The Druggist’s Dilemma (RKO) (1933) (short)
  • The Gay Nighties (RKO) (1933) (short)
  • Kickin' the Crown Around (RKO) (1933) (short)
  • Fits in a Fiddle (RKO) (1933) (short)
  • Snug in the Jug (RKO) (1933) (short)
  • Hey Nanny Nanny (RKO) (1934) (short)
  • In the Devil's Doghouse (RKO) (1934) (short)
  • Bedlam of Beards (RKO) (1934) (short)
  • Love and Hisses (RKO) (1934) (short)
  • Odor in the Court (RKO) (1934) (short)
  • Everything's Ducky (RKO) (1934) (short)
  • In a Pig's Eye (RKO) (1934) (short)
  • Flying Down to Zero (RKO) (1935) (short)
  • Alibi Bye Bye (RKO) (1935) (short)

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