Civil Decorations of Hong Kong - Chief Executive's Commendation For Government/Public Service

Chief Executive's Commendation For Government/Public Service


  • Mr. LI Wan-suen, Clement
  • Mr. LEE Ming-kwai
  • Ms. LEE Mei-mei
  • Mr. HO Ka-ming, Roman
  • Mr. LI Kin-cheung, Edward
  • Mr. NG Wai-cheong
  • Mr. LAM Sui-lung, Stephen, J.P.
  • Mr. HEUNG Sai-ho, Simon
  • Mr. YU Chak-ting
  • Miss TONG Yuen-fun
  • Mr. CHAN Hau-wai, John
  • Mr. CHAN Yung-suen
  • Mr. CHEUNG Wan-ching, Clement
  • Mr. WONG Wing-hang
  • Mr. WONG Shut-yung
  • Mr. WONG Hung-chiu, Raymond, J.P.
  • Mr. LIU Chun-sang
  • Mr. CHAK Hoi-leung
  • Mr. TANG Man-bun
  • Mrs. LAU LEE Lai-kuen, Shelley, J.P.
  • Mr. TSOI Tak-man
  • Mr. LAW Siu-hing
  • Captain Andrew Raeside ROBERTSON
  • Mrs. TAM LO Nam-wah, Ella


  • Mrs. KIANG WONG Kin-fan
  • Mr. YU Chun-cheong, Ricky
  • Miss NG Man-wah, Pauline
  • Mr. LEE Lap-sun, J.P.
  • Mr. MA Chi-kin
  • Mr. LEUNG Pui-kong, Peter
  • Mr. LEUNG Ka-ming
  • Mr. LEUNG Woon-yin
  • Ms. Mary KWOK
  • Mr. SHUM Hin-man
  • Mr. WAN Shun-leung, Henry
  • Mr. Anthony Alan GODFREY
  • Mr. CHIU Hon-bun
  • Mr. POON Chak-fai
  • Mr. CHENG Kwok-keung, Vincent
  • Miss CHENG Wai-fung, Winnie
  • Mr. TANG Kam-moon


  • Mr. PIT Dick-wah
  • Mr. NG Wai-keung
  • Mr. LUI Kwok-fai
  • Mr. LEE Mui-lam
  • Mr. CHAU Hung-on
  • Mr. LAM Man-wah
  • Mr. Michael Leslie SQUIRES
  • Captain Trevor Keith MARSHALL
  • Mr. LEUNG Fee-ling
  • Mr. KWOK Chor-ngar
  • Mr. CHAN Kwok-leung
  • Mr. CHAN Kwok-keung
  • Mr. CHAN Kwong-man
  • Mr. LUK Ho-sang
  • Mr. TSANG Yuk-ming
  • Mr. TSANG Wan-hing
  • Mr. CHING Yu-tuen
  • Mr. WONG Chee-ying
  • Mr. WONG Kam-sui
  • Mr. WONG Chun-ming
  • Mr. WONG Shing-chak
  • Mr. YIP Kwai-sun
  • Mr. CHIM Sin-fai
  • Mr. CHOW Hon-ching
  • Mrs. LAU CHAN Yuk-lin, Eliza
  • Mrs. CHENG LEE Wai-lin, Victoria
  • Mr. TANG Wing-keung
  • Miss LAI Fung-har, Nancy
  • Mr. TAM Shiu-hang
  • Mr. CHOW Chuk-yuk, Justin
  • Mr. CHAN Chi-san
  • Mr. CHOI Yue-ning
  • Mr. TAM Kwok-ming
  • Mr. KONG Yiu-ming


  • Miss WONG Hang-yee
  • Mr. HO Kam-ching
  • Mr. YU Kwok-ping, Ronny
  • Mr. LAM Kin-yee
  • Mr. CHO Wing-kin
  • Mr. KWOK Shing-pui, Eddy
  • Ms. CHAN Pui-kan, Margaret
  • Mr. CHAN Hok-sheung
  • Mr. CHAN Kam-lun
  • Mr. TSANG Lin, Reynold
  • Mr. WONG Chiu-foon
  • Mr. LIU Chi-keung
  • Ms. CHOI Chow-kwai
  • Mr. LAI Kwok-ming
  • Mr. LAW Wai-fung
  • Mr. TAM Ki-chu
  • Mrs. KWAN CHONG Lai-yu, Connie


  • Mr. FONG Man-ching
  • Mr. WONG Ping-nam, Jimmy
  • Mr. CHU Bik-leung, Andrew
  • Mr. HO Yuet-ming
  • Ms. NG Chui-yi
  • Mr. LI Siu-hing
  • Mr. CHOW Hing-chiu
  • Mr. YAU Wai-keung
  • Mr. CHAN Kung-lok
  • Mr. CHAN Chi-man
  • Mr. CHAN Wai-man
  • Mr. CHAN Hon-kin
  • Mrs. LO KWAN So-ha
  • Mr. WONG Kit-nang
  • Mr. WONG Shu-kun
  • Mr. WONG Kam-tong
  • Mr. LAU Chun-keung
  • Mr. LAU Shiu-hong
  • Mr. TANG Ka-kwong
  • Mr. CHIN Tsang-kung
  • Mr. TAI Yu-kwong
  • Mr. TSE Kwok-hung
  • Mr. LAW Kam-wing
  • Mr. KWAN Tin-lung
  • Mr. YIM Kwok-ching, Timothy


  • Mrs. LO KU Ka-lee, Clarie, J.P.
  • Mr. CHENG Ka-wah, M.B.B.
  • Mr. LAU Chi-keung, P.M.S.M.
  • Mr. CHAN Yung-suen
  • Mr. NG Man-kim
  • Mr. NG Ka-wing
  • Mr. LEE Shiu-fat
  • Mr. LAM Kwok-on
  • Mr. LAM Wah-yuk
  • Mr. KEE Kam-por
  • Mr. KI Tak-sun
  • Mr. YUEN Kam-wong
  • Ms. CHEUNG Yuk-wah, Emily
  • Miss CHEUNG Woon-yee
  • Mr. LEUNG Kam-shing
  • Ms. LEUNG Fung-ying, Frances
  • Mr. HUI So-ho
  • Captain CHAN Shu-kei, Marcus
  • Ms. POH Ying-chu
  • Mr. FUNG Yui-sang
  • Mr. YONG Sang-chang
  • Mr. CHAK Pui-yan
  • Mrs. TSE MOK Cho-yin
  • Mr. CHUNG Pui-sum
  • Mr. TAM Po-wah


  • Captain TANG Pui-tung, M.B.B.
  • Dr. WONG Man-ha, Monica
  • Mr. KU Chi-chung, Damien
  • Mr. NG Kwok-keung
  • Mr. HO Chi-keung, Albert
  • Mrs. HO LAM Yin-yee
  • Ms. YU Yuk-siu, Loretta
  • Mrs. YU KWAN Chui-man, Jenny
  • Miss NG Yau-lan, Ada
  • Captain NG Chi-wah, Michael
  • Mr. NG Kam-chiu
  • Ms. LEE Oi-kin
  • Captain SHUM Chi-wai, Calvin
  • Mr. CHOW Kwing-yiu
  • Mr. LIM Leung-ban
  • Mr. LAM Leung-chau
  • Ms. Alison CABRELLI
  • Ms. SIN Lan-kwai, Sophia
  • Mrs. YUEN KWONG Sau-yee, Cecilia
  • Mr. KO Wing-cheung
  • Dr. AU Tak-kwong
  • Mr. CHEUNG Kam-pui
  • Mr. LEUNG Koon-hung
  • Miss LEUNG Suk-ping, Christina
  • Mr. CHAN Siu-kei
  • Mr. CHAN Wai-keung
  • Mrs. CHAN YUEN Po-yee, Pauline
  • Dr. Stephen Gowan CHANDLER
  • Mr. CHAN Yum-hei, Ernest
  • Dr. CHAN Yiu-wing
  • Ms. LO Yuet-yee
  • Dr. TSANG Chiu-yee, Luke
  • Dr. TSANG Ho-fai, Thomas
  • Mr. WONG Doon-yee, Charles
  • Mr. WONG Tang-kin, Kennedy
  • Mr. YEUNG King-chi, Denny
  • Mr. YIP Chee-kuen
  • Mr. AU Yin-shan
  • Mr. CHOI Shu-ki
  • Mr. CHENG Wing-tat
  • Mr. TANG Pak-biu
  • Mr. TANG Lung-wah, Edward
  • Mr. LAI Chak-lam
  • Mrs. LU CHAN Ching-chuen
  • Mr. SIT Siu-fung
  • Mr. KAN Chi-fai
  • Mr. NGAI Wang-sang
  • Mr. KWONG Siu-cheung
  • Mr. LAW Ming-wai


  • Mr. NG Wai-ping
  • Mr. LUI Kwok-ming
  • Ms. LI Hoi-yan, Anita
  • Mr. LEE To-lung, Laurence
  • Miss YIU Yun-siu
  • Mr. OR Shi-hung
  • Miss TONG Po-hoi, Linda
  • Mr. YUEN Wing-chun
  • Mr. CHEUNG Tze-leung
  • Mr. LEUNG Chiu-pun
  • Mrs. KWOK LAM Yee-kwan, Helen
  • Ms. LO Pik-wai, Yvonne
  • Mr. FUNG Chow-kwei
  • Ms. WONG Yuet-ngor, Anne Marie
  • Ms. YEUNG Tsui-har
  • Mr. IP Tin-sung
  • Mr. YIP Ka-fai, Daniel
  • Mr. CHOI Wing-cheong
  • Mr. CHUNG Shui-pang
  • Mrs. CHUNG TSUI Soo-ying
  • Mr. PONG Kam-loi
  • Mr. LAW Bing-ching
  • Mr. KWAN Kam-fai
  • Mr. SO Hok-lai

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