Civil Code of The Republic of Korea - Contents - Part 1: General Provisions.

Part 1: General Provisions.

General provisions (민법총칙) is a basic principle applying to the substantive law, according to the "Pandekten system". In the section of source of law, customary law and sound reasoning are also considered as source of law (Article 1). "Trust and good faith rule" is also stated in article 2.

General provisions consists of seven chapters:

  1. Common provisions (source of law)
  2. Persons
    • capacity
    • domicile
    • absence and disappearance
  3. Juristic persons
    • incorporation
    • organization
    • dissolution
    • penal provisions
  4. Things
  5. Juristic acts
    • general provision
    • declaration of intention
    • agency
    • nullity and voidance
    • conditions and time
  6. Period
  7. Extinctive prescription

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