Cinoxacin - Social and Economic Impact

Social and Economic Impact

Spontaneous reports of adverse drug reactions associated with cinoxacin, as well as other drugs found within the fluoroquinolone class, are repeatedly made on many Internet forums and medication feedback sites related to prescription drugs worldwide. These adverse drug reactions are easily and likely often misdiagnosed as seizure disorder or regular CNS or psychiatric symptoms and the diagnosis of quinolone toxicity or adverse reaction missed. Research conducted in Italy has shown that quinolones such as cinoxacin are one of the top causes of CNS disturbances in general practice. Another Italian study done in 2008 showed a far greater risk of an adverse reaction occurring with cinoxacin (cinoxacin was related to the highest ROR value) as compared to the other quinolone drugs.

Increased hospitalizations attributed to adverse drug reactions alone account for billions of dollars each year within the US healthcare system. Severe reactions do occur with the fluoroquinolone class and can add significantly to the cost of care. Antibacterial adverse effects account for nearly 25% of all adverse drug reactions amongst hospitalized patients. "Indirect costs as a result of reduced quality of life or loss of productivity are certainly not reflected in the acquisition costs of antimicrobials."

The adverse drug reaction profile of cinoxacin and other fluoroquinolone drugs has spawned a grass root movement of those so affected to lobby for Black Box Warnings and Dear Doctor Letters as well as the petitioning of the FDA for the removal of some fluoroquinolone drugs from clinical practice.

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