Chrysler Drifter

The Chrysler Drifter is an automobile which was produced by Chrysler Australia from 1977 to 1978. It was offered in panel van and coupé utility body styles.

Chrysler Australia added a panel van to their Chrysler CL Valiant range in April 1977, and a few weeks later they introduced the "Drifter Pack" as an option on that body style. The Drifter Pack included a Chrysler Charger grille, quartz halogen high beam headlights, a sports steering wheel, radial ply tyres, styled wheels and special exterior paint and decal treatment with colour-coded bumpers. The 4.3 litre Hemi 265 engine and a four speed floor shift manual transmission were standard on the Drifter. In spite of its option pack status, Chrysler marketed the model as the Chrysler Drifter without using the name "Valiant". The Drifter pack was also available on the Chrysler Valiant Utility, which was also marketed as the "Chrysler Drifter".

The Drifter did not carry over to the 1978 CM Valiant range as Chrysler Australia discontinued both the panel van and utility body styles at the end of the CL series. The brief life of the Drifter was marked by low sales as competition from comparable offerings from Ford and Holden was stiff.

Chrysler Australia also used the Drifter name on a special edition Charger Drifter, released in 1978".