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X Division and Tag Team Division (2002–2007)

See also: Triple X, Sports Entertainment Xtreme, and A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels

Daniels joined the newly-founded NWA-TNA in 2002. He was part of a stable called Triple X, with Low-Ki and Elix Skipper, which won the NWA World Tag Team Championship. He also joined Vince Russo's Sports Entertainment Xtreme stable. Triple X disbanded in June 2003, after Low-Ki began wrestling primarily in Japan and Daniels and Skipper lost a cage match to America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm).

Daniels briefly feuded with Jeff Jarrett in August/September 2003. He then regularly wrestled singles matches in the X Division, before rejoining with Skipper in July 2004. They were forced to disband after losing to America's Most Wanted again, on December 5 at Turning Point.

In 2005, Daniels had a long feud with A.J. Styles over the TNA X Division Championship. He won the title at Destination X in an Ultimate X Challenge with a screwjob ending. Styles had retrieved the belt, but the referee was unconscious. Daniels hit Styles with his Angel's Wings finisher and took the belt when the ref woke. He became the longest-reigning X Division champion, holding the belt for over 150 days. During this run, he defended against Elix Skipper, Shocker, Petey Williams, Matt Bentley, Chris Sabin, and Austin Aries. On September 11, at Unbreakable, he lost the title to Styles in a three-way dance (with Samoa Joe), when Styles reversed an Angels Wings attempt into a pin; This match received a 5-star rating from Dave Meltzer.

On November 13, 2005, at Genesis, Daniels sustained a (storyline) concussion after being attacked by Samoa Joe and taking a Muscle Buster onto a chair, following a tag match together. At Turning Point, when Joe tried to similarly injure A.J. Styles after winning the X Division Championship from him, Daniels returned and attacked Joe, enabling security guards to protect Styles and restrain Joe. At Final Resolution, Daniels lost to Joe when Styles threw in the towel to protect Daniels, badly beaten and defenseless, from further damage. The next week, Daniels accused Styles of doing this to get the number one contendership for the X Division Title. That night, he cost Styles a match against Shannon Moore by throwing in the towel. At Against All Odds, Joe retained the title in a three-way match against Daniels and Styles. Daniels won the title in an Ultimate X match the next month, and lost it back to Joe on April 13, after taking a second rope Island Driver.

Daniels was then scheduled to face Jushin Liger in a cage match at Lockdown, but Liger pulled out of the match. Instead, he faced a mystery opponent, who turned out to be the returning Low Ki (now named Senshi), who defeated him.

Daniels turned face by teaming with A.J. Styles and becoming the number one contender for the NWA Tag Team Championship, held by America's Most Wanted. Daniels and Styles won the title at Slammiversary. They then feuded with The Latin American Xchange (LAX), trading the title back and forth with Homicide and Hernandez.

On November 16, Daniels defeated Styles and Chris Sabin in a three-way match on the primetime debut of TNA Impact! on Spike TV, by pinning Sabin, to win his third TNA X Division Championship. He lost it to Sabin in a three-way bout at Final Resolution, also involving Jerry Lynn.

Daniels then took time off from TNA. He made his return, as a heel, at Destination X, distracting Lynn during his match with Sabin. After the match, the newly-bearded Daniels, sporting tribal-styled paint on one side of his face, hit Sabin with the Angel's Wings and Lynn with the X Division title belt. At Lockdown, Daniels pinned Jerry Lynn in a cage match. At Sacrifice, Daniels pinned Rhino after hitting him with a baseball bat.

Daniels then feuded with Sting, costing him a King of the Mountain match qualifier by hitting him with a baseball bat. Sting attacked him the next week on Impact!. On June 17, 2007, at Slammiversary, Sting pinned him after the Scorpion Death Drop.

At Victory Road, Daniels won a 10-Man Ultimate X Gauntlet Match to become the number one contender for the X Division Championship. Senshi and Elix Skipper helped Daniels to win the match, resulting in the reunion of Triple X. At Bound for Glory on October 14, Daniels unsuccessfully challenged for Jay Lethal's X Division Championship. On the December 6 episode of Impact!, Daniels beat Senshi in a match for his "Feast or Fired" briefcase, refereed by Elix Skipper. The next week, the briefcase was revealed to contain a pink slip, meaning Daniels was fired from TNA.

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