Christian Heresy in The 20th Century - Protestant and Anglican Churches: Disciplinary Action Since 1893 - Dale Moody (Southern Baptist, USA, 1984)

Dale Moody (Southern Baptist, USA, 1984)

Moody taught at Southern Baptist Seminary. He aroused controversy as to whether he supported the Baptist principle of "perseverance of the saints" (from Hebrews 6:4–6). He was accused in 1961 of teaching that it was possible for a person "once saved to be lost", but was acquitted. In 1979 Moody proposed revision of the Abstract of Principles on this point. The University then said it did not wish to inhibit faculty freedom, but it would not extend his teaching contract past normal retirement age unless his teaching on this point was more traditional. Moody argued that his reading of the principle was in line with the original biblical texts; the argument continued for roughly 3 years. In 1983 Moody gave a talk on the topic "Can a saved person ever be lost?", whereupon the Arkansas Baptist State Convention asked the university to terminate his contract. The University employed him until 1984 but refused to renew his contract.

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