Chooser can refer to:

  • Choosing, to select freely and after consideration.
  • A user interface on a computer that allows the user to choose items from large collections of data.
    • Apple Chooser, an application for Macintosh systems.
    • Spectasia 3D Chooser, an application for Windows and Macintosh systems.

Other articles related to "chooser":

My Own - The Show
... this round but also on looks and (apparent) personality, the "chooser" chooses four contestants to pass to the next round ... In this part of the round the chooser and friends often laugh ... Afterwards the chooser eliminates one contestant and the three that are left are going to fare against each other in a singing performance to determine the winner ...
... Spectasia is a document browser (chooser) application that has been developed by MATT Services ... The name Chooser refers to a software tool which allows the user to choose items visually, providing a lookable screen layout in which items are easy to spot ... The term Chooser was also used for a defunct Macintosh finder application, but there is no direct relationship between the applications ...
Botticelli (game) - Indirect Mode - Winning
... The game ends when a guesser successfully determines the chooser's identity ... That guesser then becomes the chooser, a new identity and letter are chosen and the game starts again in indirect mode ... guessers give up before winning, then the chooser reveals the identity ...
Apple Chooser
... The Chooser is an application program for Macintosh systems using the original Mac OS ... The Chooser started out as a desk accessory and became a standalone application program as of System 7 ... The Chooser allowed users to connect to AppleShare file servers (via AppleTalk or TCP/IP), enable or disable the network access, and select which printer to use ...