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The chomski language uses many ideas taken from sed, the Unix stream editor. For example, sed includes two virtual variables or data buffers, known as the "pattern space" and the "hold space". These two variables constitute an extremely simple virtual machine. In the Chomski language this virtual machine has been augmented with several new buffers or registers along with a number of commands to manipulate these buffers.

The chomski virtual machine includes a tape data structure as well as a stack (data structure), along with a "workspace" (which is the equivalent of the sed "pattern space" and a number of other buffers of lesser importance. This virtual machine is designed specifically to be apt for the parsing of formal languages. This parsing process traditionally involves two phases; the lexical analysis phase and the formal grammar phase. During the lexical analysis phase as series of tokens are generated. These tokens are then used as the input for a set of formal grammar rule. The chomski virtual machine uses the stack to hold these tokens and uses the tape structure to hold the attributes of these parse tokens. In a pp script, these two phases, lexing and parsing, are combined in one script file. A series of command words are used to manipulate the different data structures of the virtual machine.

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