Chip Hilton - Characterization


Unlike other Grosset & Dunlap boys series books of the period, the Chip Hilton stories are distinguished by a greater degree of psychological interest. The staidly perfect Chip serves as a foil for his much more human fellow characters. Chip excels at all major sports, except hockey. Like most series books heroes, he doesn't have a girlfriend, and spends much of his time with his buddies: "Biggie," "Soapy," "Speed" and "Fireball." He does occasionally turn his eye on Mitzi, the head cashier at his employer's drug store, and once daydreamed about her while looking in a storefront at a display for dancing lessons. Chip was based on Seton Hall basketball player Bob Davies, and Chip's coach, Henry "The Rock" Rockwell, was based on Bee himself.

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