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Annie Dillard - College and Writing Career - Encounters With Chinese Writers
... Encounters with Chinese Writers (1984) is a work of journalism ... in China, where Dillard was member of a delegation of six American writers and publishers following the fall of the Gang of Four ... In the second half, Dillard hosts a group of Chinese writers, whom she takes to Disneyland along with Alan Ginsberg ...
Classical Chinese Writers
... Classical Chinese writers were trained as compilers rather than as originators composing information ... These writers in Classical Chinese were trained by memorizing extensive tracts in the classics and histories ... However, these early Chinese writers considered themselves not as creators, but as preservers of the record ...

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    Cautiousness in judgment is nowadays to be recommended to each and every one: if we gained only one incontestable truth every ten years from each of our philosophical writers the harvest we reaped would be sufficient.
    —G.C. (Georg Christoph)