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Boxer Rebellion - 1900: A Year of Disasters - Siege of The Legations
... that the diplomats and other foreigners should depart Beijing under escort of the Chinese army within 24 hours ... left the legation quarter and they defied the Chinese order to leave ... Chinese Christians were primarily housed in the adjacent palace (Fu) of Prince Su who was forced to abandon his property by the foreign soldiers ...
Chinese Independent Churches
... The Chinese Independent Churches are a major category of churches of Chinese people ... several Western missionaries started advocating for the Chinese Christians to become independent instead of relying on outside support and funds. 18000 members were martyred while 182 Protestant missionaries and 500 Chinese Christians were martyred ...
Boxer Rebellion - 1900: A Year of Disasters - Massacre of Missionaries and Chinese Christians
... Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox missionaries and their Chinese converts were massacred throughout northern China, some by Boxers and others by government troops and authorities ... implemented a brutal anti-foreign and anti-Christian policy ... questioned as improbable, this event became a notorious symbol of Chinese madness, known as the Taiyuan Massacre ...

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    We are no longer Christians: we have outgrown Christianity not because we have been too remote from it but rather because we have been too close—it is precisely our more stringent and more fastidious piety that forbids us to remain Christians nowadays.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)