Chinch Bug

The term chinch bug can refer to a few different North American insects:

  • Blissus insularis – the southern chinch bug
  • Blissus leucopterus – the true chinch bug
  • Nysius raphanus – the false chinch bug

All three species are in the order Hemiptera, making them true bugs.

  • The entire genus Blissus of which there are 16 species in North America..

The term can also be used in the Southern United States to refer to the not closely related bedbugs.

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Blissus Leucopterus - Human Impact
... The chinch bug, a native to the United States and common in Midwestern States, has had a great effect on humans ... The chinch bug naturally feeds on wild prairie grasses but when the Midwestern states were settled in the nineteenth century and crops of wheat, corn, sorghum ... Throughout the 20th century, the chinch bug was a major pest to farmers, as they quickly decimated corn or wheat fields ...
Blissus Leucopterus
... Blissus leucopterus also known as the true chinch bug is a small North American insect in the order Hemiptera and family Lygaeidae ... of the genus Blissus, which are all known as chinch bugs ... species is Blissus insularis, the southern chinch bug ...