Children of The Vault

Children Of The Vault

The Children of the Vault are a group of fictional superhuman beings with Spanish codenames. They are a team of supervillains opposed to the X-Men. Their motives to attack both humans and mutants were not exactly clear to begin with, though it was known they held a grudge against Sabretooth. Their motive is that they believe themselves to be the rightful species to inherit the planet, but must first wipe out everyone else.

They are not mutants, but beings evolved from a baseline human genome over a time period of 6,000 years. Their society was raised in the hold of a ship where temporal acceleration technology was used to evolve individuals into superpowered beings, in a fashion similar to the creations of the Weapon Plus Program. Due to genetic drift, they are a separate species from either baseline humans or mutant humans.

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Children Of The Vault - Members
... The Children of the Vault members are Perro (Dog) He possesses superhuman strength, durability and control over gravity ... A massive, battle-hungry man, Perro is the muscle of the Children of the Vault and is always searching for a fight ... Cadena (Chain) The new leader of the Children after Sangre's apparent demise, she has a globe of electricity surrounding her head that she can manipulate into electrical chains ...

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