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Social Attitudes To Remaining Childless

Most societies place a high value on parenthood in adult life, so that people who remain childless intentionally are sometimes stereotyped as being "individualistic" people who avoid social responsibility and are less prepared to commit themselves to helping others. With the advent of environmentalism and concerns for stewardship, those choosing to not have children are also sometimes recognized as helping reduce our impact, such as members of the voluntary human extinction movement. Some childless are sometimes applauded on moral grounds, such as members of philosophical or religious groups, like the shakers.

Controversy surrounding the childfree state segments into criticism based on socio-political, feminist, or religious reasons.

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Famous quotes containing the words childless, remaining, social and/or attitudes:

    Certainly the best works, and of greatest merit for the public, have proceeded from the unmarried, or childless men.
    Francis Bacon (1561–1626)

    In every ascetic morality man prays to one part of himself as God, and to do so he finds it necessary to demonize the remaining part.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Nobody can write the life of a man, but those who have eat and drunk and lived in social intercourse with him.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)

    ... he held it one of the prettiest attitudes of the feminine mind to adore a man’s pre- eminence without too precise a knowledge of what it consisted in.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)