Child & Co.

Child & Co.

Child & Co. is a formerly independent private bank that is now a separate wholey owned subsidiary and branch or brand of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group. is based at 1 Fleet Street in the City of London. It is authorised by the Financial Services Authority as a brand of the Royal Bank of Scotland for regulatory compliance purposes.

Child & Co. was one of the oldest independent financial institutions in the UK, and can trace its roots back to a London goldsmith business in the late 17th century. Francis Child established his business as a goldsmith in 1664, when he entered into partnership with Robert Blanchard. Child married Blanchard's stepdaughter and inherited the whole business on Blanchard's death. Renamed Child and Co, the business thrived, and was appointed the "jeweller in ordinary" to King William III. In 1923, the bank was acquired by Glyn, Mills & Co., that eventually became part of RBS.

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