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Menu Specialties

Chico's Tacos' specialty dish is a paper tray containing three rolled flauta-like tacos submerged in bath of tomato juice and then topped with shredded American Cheese. The custom is to grab the tacos individually out of the tomato juice and, using a provided plastic fork, to scoop the melted cheese onto the taco and take a bite. The most commonly ordered items are the single order (three tacos) or double order (six tacos), which come topped with grated cheese. However, many devotees will order two single orders instead of a double order, so as to achieve best cheese coverage on all tacos.

In addition to its tacos, Chico's Tacos is also known for its hot dog which, unlike a traditional American hotdog, is served on a hamburger bun with two franks sliced in half lengthwise, topped with chili beans, mustard, and pickles, and its crinkle fries which some say taste best with the tomato juice and cheese from the tacos.

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