Chicane - Pedestrian


A pedestrian chicane is a kind of permanent fence used at a railway crossing to prevent pedestrians from running across the railway tracks or at least to slow them down. A similar arrangement is sometimes used at the entrances of parks to impede bicycle or car access.

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... Transportation Company, which operated trolleys over the bridge, with pedestrian and carriage lanes on the north side ... From 1991 to 1995, the bridge was closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, as it was restored to its historical appearance ... the bridge is still in use, carrying vehicular and pedestrian traffic, but trolley service stopped in 1946 ...
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... Efforts are under way by pedestrian advocacy groups to restore pedestrian access to new developments, especially to counteract newer developments, 20% to 30% of which in the United States do not ... Some activists advocate large auto-free zones where pedestrians only or pedestrians and some non-motorised vehicles are allowed ... Many urbanists have extolled the virtues of pedestrian streets in urban areas ...

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