Chicago Lawyers' Committee For Civil Rights Under Law V. Craigslist - 7th Circuit Ruling

7th Circuit Ruling

The appeal was argued on February 15, 2008 before the Seventh Circuit. Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook issued an opinion on March 14, 2008 affirming the decision by the district court. The court noted the burden and ineffectiveness of imposing a duty on Craigslist to eliminate such postings: "f postings had to be reviewed before being put online, long delay could make the service much less useful, and if the vetting came only after the material was online the buyers and sellers might already have made their deals. Every month more than 30 million notices are posted to the Craigslist system...fewer than 30 people...operate the system" Additionally, the court stated "sing the remarkably candid postings on Craigslist, the can identify many targets to investigate...and can collect damages from any landlord or owner who engages in discrimination cannot sue the messenger just because the message reveals a third party's plan to engage in unlawful discrimination."

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