Chernov is a Slavic surname formed from the Russian word Chyorny (Russian: Чёрный) meaning black. The feminine form of the surname is Chernova (or Tchernova). Some people with this name include:

  • Alex Chernov (born 1938), an Australian judge, Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, and Governor of Victoria
  • Alexander Chernov (1877–1963), a Soviet geologist, paleonthologist, and Hero of Socialist Labor
  • Anatoly Chernov (1919–1953), a Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Dmitry Chernov (1839–1921), a Russian metallurgist
  • Evgeniy Demitrievich Chernov, a Soviet admiral, former commander of Soviet submarine K-278 Komsomolets
  • Matvei Chernov (1914–1944), a Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Mikhail Chernov, a Russian musician
  • Natalia Chernova, a Russian gymnast
  • Tatyana Chernova (born 1988), a Russian heptathlete
  • Viktor Chernov (1873–1952), the founder of Socialist-Revolutionary Party
  • Vladimir Chernov, famous singer at The Metropolitan Opera

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Dmitry Chernov - Works
... Chernov obtained his major result in 1866-1868 after studying the rejects of heavy guns production as well as during analysis of practical works by Pavel Anosov, P ... He introduced different points known as Chernov's points Point a at around 700 °C is the minimum temperature the steel should be heated to so it can be quenched ... Chernov was able to correctly identify the reason for these points as polymorphic transformations in the steel and even draw the first sketch of what the phase diagram for the carbon-iron system may look ...
Jeffrey Chernov
... Jeffrey Chernov is an American film producer, unit production manager and executive ... During his time with Disney/Touchstone/Hollywood, Chernov oversaw production on such films as Dead Poets Society and Pretty Woman ... Chernov made his directorial debut with A Line in the Sand, which he is also producing ...
Mikhail Alexandrovich Chernov - Publications
... Chernov MA, «Hlebny market and its regulation» ... Chernov MA, «Work and hlebozagotovki», M.-L ... Chernov MA, «peasants and hlebozagotovki», M ...
Chernov's Skink
... Chernov's Skink (Ablepharus chernovi) is a species of skink native to Armenia, eastern Turkey, northern Syria and the valleys of the Arax River, Zanga River and ... This species is named in honour of Alexandrovich Chernov ...