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Beast Wars Season 1

The Maximals and Predacons crashed on prehistoric Earth, where high energon levels threatened to destroy the crew unless they adopted organic alternate modes. Cheetor was given the form of a cheetah.

Cheetor served as one of Primal's most trusted warriors for season one, battling against the Predacons on many occasions. However, his brashness and impulsiveness often made him a liability as well. On one notable occasion (“The Web”) Cheetor lost a valuable communications device. Determined to redeem himself in Primal's eyes, Cheetor tried to spy on Megatron's new Megacannon, but was captured by Tarantulas and had to be rescued from being eaten by the spider Predacon by Rattrap. On another occasion, he was goaded into proving his bravery against the Predacons by Dinobot, by planting a series of spy probes. A freak accident with a bolt of lightning meant he was teleported into the Predacon base. Despite being hunted down, Cheetor managed to evade the entire Predacon team and stop the Maximal plan to destroy the Predacon base, realising that an Energon seam ran below both bases and would destroy the Axalon as well if the Predacon ship was detonated. During this period of the Beast War other senses to fight after being blinded in an explosion, and reverted to savagery after being trapped in his beast mode due to the Predacons stealing a component from the Axalon.

Cheetor would also form close relationships with the other Maximals, particularly with the two new Maximal protoforms discovered during this time - Airazor and Tigatron. Cheetor looked up to and respected the wiser Transformer- who he affectionately referred to as "Big Cat", being addressed as "Little Cat" in return-, while he gave some of his circuitry to give life to Airazor, resulting in her taking on a few of Cheetor's personality traits and becoming like a sister to him. Cheetor even became friends with Dinobot, being the only Maximal to express actual enthusiasm when Dinobot returned to the team after their apparent victory over the Predacons (It is even implied that he voted for Dinobot to become the new leader after Optimus was briefly captured by an alien ship). Cheetor also had an unnoticed rivalry against Waspinator/Thrust that went up to the Beast Machines series where their rivalry was more focused.

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Beast Megatron - Beast Wars - Animated Series - Beast Wars Season 1
... threatened to overload the Transformers' systems, and so they adopted organic-skinned "beast modes" to block it out by scanning dinosaur fossils, Megatron adopted the form of a ... schemes to gather energon and eliminate the Maximals in a series of conflicts dubbed the "Beast Wars" by Optimus Primal ... Some time into the Beast Wars, a third factor came into play - a race of mysterious aliens known as the Vok, who were, in actuality, responsible for seeding the planet with the excesses of energon ...

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