Checkerboard System

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Japanese Cryptology From The 1500s To Meiji
... The cipher system that Uesugi used is basically a simple substitution usually known as a Polybius square or “checkerboard.” The i-ro-ha alphabet contains forty-eight letters, so a seven-by-seven. 8 i-ro-ha Alphabet, 1-7 Checkerboard Cipher 1 ... i ro ha ni ho he to 2 chi ri nu ru wo wa ka 3 yo ta re so tsu ne na 4 ra mu u i1 no o ku 5 ya ma ke fu ko e te 6 a sa ki yu me mi shi 7 e hi ... Checkerboard Cipher Using Waka Poem re ku fu yu no ki a e a ya ra yo chi i tsu hi sa ma mu ta ri ro re mo ki ke u re nu ha na se yu fu i so ru ni ku su me ...

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